To youthfulness and health

Many years Eduard Alekseev studies the practice of Zhong Yuan Qigong and Image Medicine in Kundawell Institute , during this process he learned to feel the problems of the body and identify the reasons for his illness, and mastered the techniques of Chinese massage, which it has successfully got from chinese teacher .

After the massage, you feel a surge of strength and energy. Eduard works with each person on an individual program, based on his health problems.

He met With image Medicine in 2008, and then gradually he began to study the theory and practice of IM. He came in ZYQ in 2004,he is a personal student since 2007 . He studied at the Kundawell Institute , took part in IM conferences and in Master’s Xu Mingtang retreats , ZYQ instructor since 2010.

Despite the analytical and materialistic tendency of thought that he has, Image Medicine inspired its infinite possibilities. It has given impetus to a more full and meaningful life, and under the direction of Master Xu Mingtang enabled effectively and beautifully applied IM methods , TCM massage to rid the patients of the disease, maintaining physical tone, bringing in their feeling of lightness and freedom

The applied method of massage is based on the experience and knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, these basic methods are being taught within the walls of the Kundawell institute. This massage is different volume physical and energetic effect. Using TCM massage treatments in conjunction with IM , efficiency and the result are left a favorable basis for the treatment of existing diseases and physical ailments. There are always opened the possibility for effective and efficient solutions to health problems, in this case can be used and methods of TCM and Western medicine techniques. Finding and using the efficient recovery method is happiness for the patient and for the IM therapist.